Last year, among other things, the harvesting of bamboo freed up a lot of space in the garden, which made it possible to plant a large number of young trees and thus expand the range considerably.

The following species are planted in numbers of 2 or three.

  1. gunnii ssp. divaricata, E. coccifera, E.  pauciflora niphophila, E.  gunnii ssp.  “blue ice”, E.  gunnii azura, E.  perriniana x archeri (crossing of own nursery) E.  gundal (crossing gunnii x dalrympleana from France)
  2. pauciflora debeuzevillei, E. johnstonii, E. parvula, E. urnigera

In addition, in other places in the garden there is E. rubida, E. camaldulensis, E. nitens and E. pauciflora ssp.  “mount buller” planted.