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About Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus is native to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. In recent years, the tree has increasingly found a place in Europe. In Galicia, for example, eucalyptus has been planted on a large scale for the production of wood for furniture and for making paper.
In Italy and the United Kingdom, the tree is mainly planted to produce cut green for florists.


Even as a solitary, you see eucalyptus appearing more and more often in gardens. Although many gardeners and landscapers do not yet use the tree on a large scale, you see more and more often that eucalyptus is used in an often exotic garden. In recent years, due to its enormous vigour, the tree has also been planted more and more often to produce firewood for the stove.

Choice of eucalyptus species

On this website you will mainly find information regarding the different species that are mainly used in Western Europe. For example, a sheltered city garden offers different possibilities than a garden on the coast or on the open plain where the wind blows a lot. Location and soil type are generally the most important starting points for choosing the right type. In addition, growth rate, smell and color also determine the right choice.

Decorative value

In general, the tree is mainly planted because of the high ornamental value of the trunk, the enormous vigour and the fact that the tree is leafy.
In addition, there are more and more people who use the leaf as food for Australian animals, flower arranging, ecoprinting and making essential oil.


In particular, I would like to stress that the story that a eucalyptus would drive out mosquitoes is a myth and is therefore not a reason to purchase a copy.

If you need more information after reading the various articles, you can of course contact us. In consultation with you, we will hopefully come to the right choice together.

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