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New collection eucalyptus
from Dutch soil (Hardy Dutch)

Hardy Eucalyptus
from our own soil

In recent years we have been able to harvest seed from ‘our’ own trees several times. By ‘our’ trees I mean the mature trees of Kwekerij Koala, Botanical garden de Groene Prins https://www.degroeneprins.nl, The arboretum of Liesbeth Uittenwaal https://www.merrigum.com and Bamboo nursery Bandus.  https://www.bandus.nl

Large numbers of trees have been planted at these nurseries in recent  years and many of them have  endured very cold winters in the first years. These trees have been giving seed for several years.


The eucalyptus collection among friends and customers is also growing steadily and we regularly receive fresh seeds that we can add to the range.

The seed that is collected has been carefully selected and labeled separately in addition to the seeds that we still import from Australia.

Last winter we were  able to harvest seed from E.  parvula, E.  coccifera, E.  Gunnii SSP.  ‘divaricata’, E. archeri, E. perriniana, E. dalrympleana, E. mitchelliana, E. debeuzevillei, E.  niphophila, E.  nitens, E.  subcrenulata, E.  neglecta E.  gregsoniana and E.  stellulata,  We are very  content about the amount of seed that germinates from it.

New Eucalyptus Collection

This is the beginning of a new eucalyptus line entirely from Dutch soil. We have already carefully offered a number of these eucalyptus  in the last two years  under  the name “Hardy Dutch” In 2023 we are ready to officially bring them to the market. 

In the future, we will see in each species whether the offspring are as strong as the mother trees.  We are already seeing that a number of hybrids are  created here too by crossing trees that are too close to each other and have bloomed simultaneously. For example, since last year we have a cross in the range of E.archeri with E.  perriniana. A number of these seedlings have been planted out in the garden again.

This line is unique!

For the first time there is such a large assortment of eucalyptus that the exact origin of each seedling is known.

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