It is not wise to plant a Eucalyptus under tall trees. Full sun is necessary for most species. To make a wind girth, you can use the best Eucalyptus archeri, Eucalyptus debeuzevillei and Eucalyptus niphophila. The latter endures even salty sea breezes. Please note that the tree cannot be planted later because experience shows that it generally dies afterwards.

Most Eucalyptuss grow on all ground so ground improvement is not really necessary. Prefer not to use potting soil, compost or mused garden earth. If a tree is fertilized too much, the chance of blowing is considerably greater. However, it is very important that the foot of the tree is kept weed-free. Just weeding or applying a mulch layer under the tree. Eucalyptus is very sensitive to weed killers. Especially in the first few years this is very important for optimal growth. Ground denne bark as soil cover is the best remedy against weeds.


The average growth rate of eucalyptus is between 0.5 and 2 meters per year. However, there are also situations where he can grow up to 2.5 meters In particular the eucalyptus perriniana is a rapid growther The highest species are not yet higher than about 8 to 15 meters. All species can be pruned well. In order to get a solid tree, it is even important that the tree is pruned back to half in the first few years. This has the advantage that the strain can become a bit firmer relative to the crown.

If you want to harvest cut green, the trunk knotten in March/April about 50 cm above the ground. The trunk must be at least 5 cm thick, so smaller trees first grow a bit. (eucalyptus debeuzevillei, eucalyptus, nitens, eucalyptus pauciflora and eucalyptus niphophila are less suitable for this)