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Eucalyptus trees come in many shapes and sizes and originally you can find the tree in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. The entire genus includes about 800 species, but only a small part of these are suitable for the climate in Europe. Moreover, there are very different possibilities in the south than in the north. In our offer you will find a selection of trees that, after research, are suitable for both the colder and warmer areas.

You cannot order here, we do not have a webshop but if you are interested in a tree, you can contact us. This can be done by sending an email to info@eucalyptuskwekerijkoala.nl you can also call or send a whatsApp message to +31(0)641156392

We give you a free consult which type is suitable for you and whether it is available in the desired size at that time. This way you can always make a good choice and you will not be faced with unexpected disappointments or surprises.

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