pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei

Eucalyptus pauciflora debeuzevillei, also called a snowgum in Austalia is in theory the most hardy species. Originally, it’s common in the mountains of Australia where they even grow on the highest tree line. Because the leaves contain a lot of tanned acid, they feel a bit leathery and are resistant to wind. It is a medium fast growth and very suitable as wind girth or a smaller garden. The bark springs annually and gives the trunk a flat-like appearance.


PitchPoor, permeable soil; Sunny
SolitaryYes; grouped or as a wind girth.
Tub plant
Max.Height8 meters
Sheet color/shapeSickle-shaped blue/green
SmellAt least
FloweringCream-coloured; very attractive to bees
Hardy to max.-22°C