A fast-growing specie that generally grows straight up and can tolerate a lot of frost. It is a species that is planted a lot because you can quickly have a large tree in your garden.  

Archeri has also recently been frequently planted to produce wood. In addition, you can plant it well as a windbreak because it can tolerate quite a bit of wind. Calcareous soil is not a problem but not necessary. Prefers to be in a sunny spot but can tolerate some shade. The growth rate will then be a bit less. The seed that is used for the trees comes from our own nursery.


Pitch Sunny pitch
Solitary Yes, but can also be planted as a windbreak.
Container plant No
Trunk/Bark Brown/greyish bark. Something spotted.
Max.Height 15 m, but good to prune
Leaf colour/shape Blue-grey, oval with a tip
Smell Few
Bloom Bunches of small white flowers
Hardy up to max. -18°C